I am not just a shadow on the ground
Hanging around only when the sun is all out
On a pitch black night and there’s no light
i’ll be around close by


Highway to Dhampus Reviewed

My initial expectation of the movie was it would just turn out to be one of those mediocre movies. But at the end of the movie or even some time during the half time i said to myself mediocrity would be acceptable now. This has to be one my most horrible movie experience for me. I certainly laughed a plenty but that does not count if I am laughing at the movie itself or does it? Personally,I thought the story lacked the ebb and flow and just failed to connect. The background scores and the scenic geographic beauty did try to bring some impetus but the movie just lacked a substantial story to back it up. And I’m sorry to say but the magic was not there.

After much mulling on the subject matter I still fail to see what the movie was trying to achieve and where the story was heading. The first half barely moved and the second half of it promised much more than the first (not enough though, not even close to it) but really the damage had already been done. I fail to even see why the movie is even called “Highway to Dhampus” in the first place. “Airway to Ghandruk” or “Prabhujee” would have been an apt name. I can go on about the bitter experiences that I’ve had whilst the story unfolded. But then there are just too many of them.

For me this movie was way below par and in no level did the story allow the characters to connect a cord with one another (be it AJit and Laxmi, AJit and Lizze, Lizze and Colt and so on) nor did it connect with me. The closest connection I felt was the conversation Colt and Prabhuji had (lasted 30sec ) otherwise there was just nothing in it. There was just not enough backstory on Lizzie, Colt or even Laxmi and AJ. Much of the blame has to go to the first half of the movie which is wasted so stupendously. At times the dialogue delivery between AJ and Laxmi were atrocious and you could not help but laugh and facepalm because it felt so fake . Bottom line the story was just trying to achieve so much that it ultimately failed.

If i had to find a postive in what is otherwise a ridiculous movie has to be the character “Prabhujee” played by Sayush G. Bajracharya who stands out and is able make the audience laugh and also feel just a tinge of sadness.