Not a superhero story or was it?

I have to be honest ” Everest” was not one of those movies that leaves you speechless. Nor did it leave me wanting for more but despite this i was pleasantly surprised to how satisfied i was towards the end of the movie. It surely has to be one of those movies that’d i’d love to watch again.
Everest is based on a true story and on-sight it does not seem to have and does not seem to deal with humans doing out of the ordinary stuffs and  putting superhuman effort. But on close observation it does. The brilliance of the movie is, it is dealing with a subject matter than in itself takes a superhuman effort. The  movie masks this superhuman effort and conveys a message that it is possible for ordinary people (portrayed by Doug who is in his third attempt) to achieve this feat if willing.  The other incredible moment of this movie goes so un-noticed. Much of our attention goes towards Rob (The central character) and we are sucked emotionally towards him and his story. Amidst all of this the miraculous moment when the Texan guy ( don’t even remember this characters name) suddenly wakes up, frostbitten and all but  yet makes his way to the camp. This scene hardly captivated me at that moment nor did i go yay. Had it been Rob the entire theatre would be heaving a sigh a relief. But since it’s a true story and it can’t be re-scripted so there was no superhero effort to rescue Rob.

So, as i finished the movie and gave it a quick analysis i’d have to say its a brilliant movie. I enjoyed watching it and critically looking at it its one of the better movies i’ve seen.


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