I try and define “LOVE”

Understanding these four letters I believe takes a lot of effort. And that effort needs to come from the individual themselves. Over they years the definition of love always seemed to vary. Someday it could be making sacrifice even at the cost of my personal happiness, other times it seemed as if love just was about giving, taking, reciprocating. During this time I think I even came up with a concept of my kind of Love. And i thought I knew what I message i wanted to convey when I said my kind of love,  I didn’t. A stark realization over the past few months has been, I will be honest and willingly admit “ I have been deluded for much long about my understanding of love.” Continue reading


Empower yourself

One has so many doubts in oneself but yet takes the time to empower others. Yes, while this is a noble act shouldn’t one take the time to slowly empower oneself. This thought came into my head and i was just analyzing it.

I for one feel i am educated and hold a certain degree but since that has not translated into something tangible the doubts start to creep in. And these self doubts creates disturbance of the mind to a certain degree. The point i am trying to make here for myself is  am i empowered and aware like i should be? Or am i just one of those educated fools ?

I’d like to consider myself the former rather the later. Firstly to be asking this question to myself is a sign that i am aware of that what i am lacking and that what is the correct approach. I am in any way stating this is the ideal approach but for me it is. The fact i am asking this question is a sign i am aware what empowerment is. And now that i am aware of it i will want to and see to it that i make informed decision which act as a catalyst for change. And empowerment will come not just being educated but having the wisdom to actually cultivate the mental and physical awareness.