Empower yourself

One has so many doubts in oneself but yet takes the time to empower others. Yes, while this is a noble act shouldn’t one take the time to slowly empower oneself. This thought came into my head and i was just analyzing it.

I for one feel i am educated and hold a certain degree but since that has not translated into something tangible the doubts start to creep in. And these self doubts creates disturbance of the mind to a certain degree. The point i am trying to make here for myself is  am i empowered and aware like i should be? Or am i just one of those educated fools ?

I’d like to consider myself the former rather the later. Firstly to be asking this question to myself is a sign that i am aware of that what i am lacking and that what is the correct approach. I am in any way stating this is the ideal approach but for me it is. The fact i am asking this question is a sign i am aware what empowerment is. And now that i am aware of it i will want to and see to it that i make informed decision which act as a catalyst for change. And empowerment will come not just being educated but having the wisdom to actually cultivate the mental and physical awareness.


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