Day 2

I sprang out of my bed with the sound of the buzzing alarm. It was only after i shut the alarm i thought about my hasty and sudden procedure of waking up. Surely an unhealthy way to wake up. Would wanna make sure i wake up a lot better tomorrow.

I’ve had a knack of waking somewhere in between 2-3 am. I don’t know what it is about this hour but my eyes are suddenly wide open and i kinda feel fresh. But i put myself back to sleep thinking that about an hour or two later i will be awake. It felt good waking up this morning. I had stuffs planned to what i would do. And i made sure i did those. Just a light stretching to begin with that i picked up  a book and started reading it. And soon it was almost around 6 and time for my run. I would preferably love to run at around 5:30 am but given i have an injury 6 sounds good. At least it allows me to see where i am running.


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