Day 3

No waking up in between, no disturbances to the sleep, it was just perfect today. I went to bed at around 10 yesterday and woke up to the sound of the alarm, perfect. As, i got off the bed to shut the alarm i genuinely had a smile on my face. And the first thought that came up and i talked it out loud  “Good morning, Me”. I had a good sleep and waking up to an amazing mood was uplifting. I guess its true when they say ” you have an uplifting start to the day the entire days becomes pretty good.” i Can’t confirm that just yet. I am way too early to actually say that the statement holds true but i like that idea already. Maybe a year or two from today i can actually hold up my hand and say from personal experience that it does have an uplifting effect on the entire day if you have a great start in the morning. Just need to keep up with the momentum and things are shaping up great.


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