This one is for days where i have questions like “Where does this lead to?” or “What am i doing?” or “Does anything i am doing make sense?” I’ve started on many challenges that i believe and have had the gut instinct are the right stuffs to do. Be it the marathon challenge or the 21earlyday challenge they’ve made sense to me when i sought forward to starting them. But i know there will be days when i will be low on motivation and will start questioning where does all these challenges lead to? That is when i need to remember I made a start because it all made sense when i began and i’ve come too far to give up.

I know i am pretty early in both my challenges and right now the energy and enthusiasm is still at its peak. But as the time goes on and there will be days where it will feel like this is the saturation point. And nothing that i am doing will make sense. I need to look back and remember why i started all of these challenges in the first place. I believe that it leads somewhere, somewhere better than where i have previously been. Like the old man Jobs quoted in the Stanford Uni speech ” Looking backward the dots will connect.” Not the exacted words but i guess somewhere along those line. So when the doubts creep in about what i am doing and where does this lead to? I should remind myself that its pointless trying to connect the dot going forward. And i should just keep on doing what i thought was worth starting and pursuing for in the first place.

For now i keep on going and remember its a personal investment i am willing to make.


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