21st Early Day

20 days ago i challenged myself to start waking up early at 4:30 a.m for the next 21 days. There was no reasoning for this. And i did not know what to expect at the end of it all. But i started nevertheless and i sit here on the 21st day having woken up every day for the past 21 morning at 4:30 am, sometimes even before.

Was it tough? Yes, it was. The waking up was easy. It was really the staying awake that was tough. The fact that it was winter did nit help as leaving the warm cozy bed was a different challenge all together. But it was do able. To first wake up and stay awake for the next one hour upon which i went for a run outside.

Would i continue waking at 4:30? The idea of the challenge was that it took 21 days of doing the same thing at the same time to form a habit. So, if it has become a habit i think i should be auto-tuned to do it. We’ll see though what happens.

Finally, the reason i think now when i look back i set forth on this challenge was because i just wanted to. There was no comparative analysis or anything. I just felt it would add some value and so i set forth. I am glad i did.


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