Batman V Superman (Spoiler alert – maybe)

I had been eagerly waiting for this movie like so many out there. And when it did hit the theaters in Kathmandu on 25th of March, 2016 – I rushed to get my hands on the tickets and got it.As, I got to my seat I just knew what I wanted from this movie. I was seated here- firstly to witness an epic battle between the two Goliath of superhero characters, then to see action sequence that would be too tough to comprehend but it would just look so awesome and anything other than the two would be a bonus (i.e story included).

And I was not disappointed not one bit – well may be just a tiny bit. The action sequences were random and too difficult to follow and understand what was happening. But it did not matter – not to me. I was on the edge of my seat watching the trio Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman take on the colossus villain – Doomsday.

And of course then there was the battle between the two superheroes themselves. Batman and Superman battling it out in a hand to hand combat. I actually felt sorry for Superman as he was getting battered and bruised by the bat. I felt this was an epic battle which could have lasted a little a longer. (I am just being greedy) The only disappointment from the movie was that I expected Superman to fight with Batman when they first met. I was super pumped up and ready for it but instead Superman goes on to say “ I give you mercy”. I am like “Seriously?”. Other than that I enjoyed the movie- every bit of it.


Though the movie lasted a bit more than two hours and I could see my friends struggling to get to the end – I am sure they enjoyed the Bat and Superman battle it out there. All in all – pretty satisfied.


What is it about running?

What is it about running that makes me want to get out there and run my heart out – and then when I exhaust, I still feel mightily pleased about the entire session? Why is it when I don’t run I get cranky and anxious? Why is it when I injured and people tell me rather stop running it kinda feels horrible to just think that?

This new found love for running which has lasted for almost six months now and looks like it can only grow has engulfed me. I can’t explain the phenomenon of that what takes place when I run – the sheer joy and the excitement. Every time when I take those strides , every mile I cover and every minute that I run when they add up to something bigger it makes me want to jump and punch the air in delight.

Much of last two weeks I have not been able to run due to the injury that I picked up. I planned to run for last week but since the injury had not healed I could not run as planned. As a matter of fact the start of the previous week I was still struggling to walk. However, by mid-week I felt a lot better. The pain went away and I think it is safe to say my forced rest actually paid off. And I am looking to run once again. Also, this past week I have realized that having this injury kind of played on my head as well. I can say so because just the other day I was trying to put a post together (similar to this one) but I could hardly articulate the words everything felt so forced that I actually went from being in a moderately good mood to an awful mood in a jiffy. And I had to stop writing altogether. As, I sat down to write this today I feel that this particular post has come unforced and just the way I’d have wanted it to. I would surely say this has partly to do with the fact that I will be running soon (most likely tomorrow). Also, I did do a short stint this evening covering around 2 miles and that just opened everything up again.

All of these evidence which shows that how running lightens up my mood , how it just makes me feel a lot better , energetic and healthy could be the reason why I will continue to run as long as I can. But having said that – I still cannot really put my finger on that one reason so what I love to run so much.