Now a FAN………………………

It was the fight of the century “Conor Mcgregor Vs Floyd Mayweather” – whilst the latter was coming out of retirement to fight this one and was undefeated in 49 fights, the former was making a debut in boxing. Mcgregor was making a switch from MMA to boxing for this fight. Two of the greatest in their respective art were going head to head, and no wonder it attracted the imagination of millions around the world.

There was a lot of trash talking, eye balling and verbal intimidation between the two warriors. August 26th was the scheduled date and Vegas was the venue. And as expected, Mayweather defeated Mcgregor in Round 10 via TKO, taking his record to 50-0. Mayweather retired undefeated. Mcgregor on the other hand, a defeated warrior – would make a return to MMA.

There was so much hype surrounding the fight that a sport enthusiast was bound to get sucked into it. And so I did. Also I don’t normally follow fight nights, be it boxing or MMA, but I have taken the time to see big fights(big hype) such as Pacquio Vs Mayweather,  Joshua Vs Klitschko and Mcgregor vs Diaz. I was ready for the fight of the century.

For some reason I was rooting for Mcgregor on this one. The odds were stacked against this man. Yet, here was a man who had defied expectation and stood up against all odds to be one of the most prolific fighters in MMA. So you could be forgiven if you believed that he’d actually be able to win this one. On fight night though- He lost. He fought though- took the fight to Mayweather, but Mayweather was just too good for him.

Both the fighters made a lot of money and the battle ended. It was after the fight something hit me – which made me admire Mcgregor even more. And now I can officially say I am a big fan.


  1.  Taking on the challenge

 Mcgregor knew when he took this fight that he was taking on one of the most successful boxers. May was undefeated in 49 professional fights and Mcgregor was well aware of the humongous task in front of him. Yet, he did not back down. The expert said it was a mismatch and he would get annihilated. But he was up for the fight, trained hard and took the fight to ten whole rounds, and even managed to win few rounds.

Mcgregor’s story is an inspiring one- going from a plumber, to a full time MMA fighter, to one of the greatest MMA fighter and now dancing with one of the greatest fighter – he was always up for a challenge and never backed down.

2. For money, himself and the family

Both Mcgregor and Mayweather made a lot of money from the fight. When I say a lot- the money was huge. It was one of the main reason both the fighters agreed to fight this one. The lure of money along with it being the fight of the century was what got the two fighters in that ring. While people called it a circus and talked how it was more for money – I did not see anything wrong with it. At the end of the day aren’t we all working or doing what we are for money. And don’t we all want attention.

Mcgregor has been through tough times financially. He had been collecting welfare check and worked as a plumber to sustain himself and his family. And he’s worked through that to get where he is at – so it is only fair for him to want to make money – for himself, and for the family. Given the opportunity – we’d do the same.  At least I know I would.

3. Because he is cocky

Mcgregor does not give a rat’s ass about what is being said about him. He concentrates and focuses at the task he needs to get done ( at least when it comes to fighting) and is cocky in prediction. He trash talks and insults his opponent with his words before the fight. Most fighters do this before the fight – but Mcgregor is different than most because on most occasion he delivers what he says. “I am cocky in prediction. I am confident in preparation, but I am always humble in victory or defeat,” he said after his win against Dustin Poirier at UFC 178 in September 2014.

This statement speaks volumes of the man. And even after the defeat against Mayweather he was humble and gracious in defeat. Given the aura he oozes, I think it is okay to be a cocky.