Intensity beats extensity

My latest endeavor sees me trying to get in touch with various people, converse with them, and get a perspective of how they view life. These people that I try to get in touch with all made some sort of connection with me. They’ve either inspired me, motivated me, or just made me feel good about being a human.

Today, I got to meet one such amazing human. I had written to him few days back on his Facebook page, and he had agreed to meet me. I was absolutely delighted,  Raghu Aditya was going to be the first person I was going to meet for this new project of mine. I came to know about him about a month back whilst going through an article on M&S. Right there and then, I wanted to meet this amazing person.

The article is titled “Friend of the furred and the Feathered”, and the first few line aptly conveys who he is and what he does.

Raghu Aditya has devoted his life to bettering the lives of animals, so much so that he is willing to put his life on hold for the sake of theirs.” – M&S

We sat on this elevated platform of  Krishna Mandir, Patan and he shared his insight, and his outlook on life. Initially, there was a just that bit of silence, and I said him “I did ask to meet you, but now that I am here, I don’t know what to converse about.”  To which he replied, “It’s okay. We need to enjoy the silence as well. Occasional silence is nothing to worry about.” This has  to be one of the most poignant moment of the conversation, as it made me feel easy, and I was not bothered by any occasional silence that crept in later on.

I was really eager to know what  got him to start caring for the animals. He recounted his story of how he used to not be as kind to insects as a kid, and his father told him that those insects felt as much pain. Upon knowing that these insects felt pain, he decided to not take part in such activities. This childhood awareness got him to being the person he is today.

“Animals understand the basic language. Not justdogs, but every animal and birds.” he said. “We just have to be patient enough to learn it.” he added. He then exemplified this concept by saying when talking to dumb people using sign language, if one is patient enough to learn the sign language the conversation will get better and surprisingly the dumb person will seem interesting. However, if one loses the patience, then the person able to speak will not find the dumb person interesting.”All animals understand love, compassion, and kindness. You just need to be patient enough to learn it., and when you do you understand love –  non-judgmental  and pure” he says referring to love he gets from the animals.

As, we conversed  we touched on the topic of choices and our many interests. “What seems like many things right now may not be many things.” he said. Giving his own example he told me, he himself had a lot of things, but now connecting the dots he looks back and sees they were all related. His love for animals, his passion for music and other things. “Intensity beats extensity every time” he quoted.

By this time we were sipping tea that had been brought up to us by a local vendor. After we were done with the tea Raghu asked me if  I wanted to join him. He said he had to check up on a dog who had had an eye surgery few days back. I agreed and followed him, and very soon saw a dog lazily sleeping. Raghu approached him and called out “Lucy” upon which the dog excitedly started wagging. Raghu checked Lucy’s eyes, unfortunately the injury had not healed and it looked as if the stitches had come off. Raghu made few calls and applied ointment to the dog’s eye and we left.

By then it was time to go home, and as we bid goodbye, I was mightily pleased having met Raghu. I feel privileged to have had the chance to meet him and converse. I am glad I wrote to him and now we are “Strangers No More”.

Raghu’s message is simple “I am not a vet, nor was I trained to do this. But if I can do it, we  all can practice the act of kindness in our own community.”



I try and define “LOVE”

Understanding these four letters I believe takes a lot of effort. And that effort needs to come from the individual themselves. Over they years the definition of love always seemed to vary. Someday it could be making sacrifice even at the cost of my personal happiness, other times it seemed as if love just was about giving, taking, reciprocating. During this time I think I even came up with a concept of my kind of Love. And i thought I knew what I message i wanted to convey when I said my kind of love,  I didn’t. A stark realization over the past few months has been, I will be honest and willingly admit “ I have been deluded for much long about my understanding of love.” Continue reading

Empower yourself

One has so many doubts in oneself but yet takes the time to empower others. Yes, while this is a noble act shouldn’t one take the time to slowly empower oneself. This thought came into my head and i was just analyzing it.

I for one feel i am educated and hold a certain degree but since that has not translated into something tangible the doubts start to creep in. And these self doubts creates disturbance of the mind to a certain degree. The point i am trying to make here for myself is  am i empowered and aware like i should be? Or am i just one of those educated fools ?

I’d like to consider myself the former rather the later. Firstly to be asking this question to myself is a sign that i am aware of that what i am lacking and that what is the correct approach. I am in any way stating this is the ideal approach but for me it is. The fact i am asking this question is a sign i am aware what empowerment is. And now that i am aware of it i will want to and see to it that i make informed decision which act as a catalyst for change. And empowerment will come not just being educated but having the wisdom to actually cultivate the mental and physical awareness.