Getting back at it

Woah! It’s been a while, since I last sat down to write. I have been meaning to, but then never found myself writing. It was always just in my thoughts- that I’d write this, and I’d write that, but I never did.

But here I am, and more than ready to take on the writing challenge once again. The idea is simple – write, stay consistent and JUST WRITE.

Motivation is an elusive creature. Just when you think you’ve found it, it eludes you. You find it for  little while and think it’s here to stay, and next moment it’s gone. But this time around I feel more than capable to stay consistent with this. For the past 20 days I have been doing my Pro-Tip session on Instagram/Youtube, and that gives me confidence to now being consistent while I write. The idea of Pro-Tip sessions are I give out a tip every day to whoever listens. Mostly that is me. So the idea of pro-tip is really giving tips to myself, but in the process I film it with my camera and try to get comfortable talking to the camera. Sometimes, I also try filming in the public and try and overcome the fear of talking to the camera in public. So far the pro-tip sessions have been going well. I have done it for 20 days straight.

And now I feel ready to take up the daily writing challenge as well. 🙂

The Pro-Tip sessions here:



When I have nothing to ramble about

As September draws to a close, I suddenly realized that I had not posted anything on my blog. I can make an excuse and say I have been busy ( which I have) for not being able to post anything this month.  So, here I am trying to scramble in one post before September ends. Sitting down on my desk I ransack my head for stuffs I want to write about, I come across none. I should rather say I come across too many things, but I want to write about none.

However, I have to and so I decided to ramble on about having nothing to ramble on about or should I say ramble on about having a lot to ramble about but not wanting to ramble about them. This post might be confusing, ambiguous, unstructured and jumbled up but yet it serves a purpose- a great purpose in fact (now that I think of it). It keeps my blog updated and keeps me in track for that one post a month target I have set since last November. My older post in the past served this purpose too but this post does it better – as it does just that one specific task.

There might not be a lot to take away from this post ( I doubt if there was anything to take from my other posts) for the readers, but again for me – worth its weight in gold. Maybe I am over-exaggerating a bit here but hey, I am just rambling on. “Ramble, Ramble, Ramble, Ramble On and On.”